How We Do Life with One Another

girl sitting alone in school hallwayPope Francis addressed the problem of bullying, asking youth to promise they will not bully or mock anyone. “‘Bullying is an aggression that conceals profound cruelty,’…In order to build a better world, Pope Francis said, ‘we need to eradicate all forms of cruelty.’”

The full story is in Aleteia, which also brings our attention to an inspiring story of young people who are working to fight the cruelty of loneliness. Senior Denis Estimon at Boca Raton Community High School started a club called We Dine Together so that no student would have to eat lunch alone. One of Estimon’s teachers summed up this beautiful initiative: “‘They bridge this chasm between students. It’s not just about eating pizza together but how we do life with one another.’”

Watch the report from CBS Evening News:

Both We Dine Together and Pope Francis give us much food for thought about how to be people for others.


  1. Denis Estimon is a true servant leader. I thank God for Denis’ sensitivity, compassion, vision and action. He is making a real difference for the “We Dine Together” volunteers and the students who benefit from their service. I hope the “We Dine Together Program” will spread to all American high schools and middle schools. There is a great need for it.

  2. I am in a situation of extreme bullying of seniors exploitation and victimization as I pray today – I flip my bible to the psalms and believe the psalm that my bible opens to is what God wants me to listen, I am in week 23 of my Ignation retreat – such healing has come to me, today I am reading Luke and the miracle of healing. I can only offer compassion and prayer to those who bully and see only the extreme pain they are I pray for healing and Gods blessing and grace…..I getting courage and guidance from God…for in the retreat God has taken this abused and lonely child – cuddled her and given a trust that no man no demon can break….bullying must be stopped with love compassion prayer mercy forgiveness..anything else becomes bullying in itself

    • Lucille, congratulations on finding and using the Ignatian Retreat in a painful and challenging time. Yes, bullying must be stopped with love compassion prayer mercy forgiveness. I will pray for your continued healing. I get a lot of help for working with my challenges by reading St. Ignatius of Loyola’s “Suscipe” prayer and listening to the song “Take, Lord, Receive” by Fr. John Foley SJ based on the “Suscipe”. Peace.

  3. What a wonderful program! Thank you so much for sharing. We Dine Together ought to be institutionalized in schools.


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