Conversing with Mary Through Colloquy

Our Lady of OlatzEric Gurash found the colloquy form of prayer “a grace-filled gift to [his] prayer life.” Initially doubtful of starting with Mary, Gurash changed his mind when he allowed himself to enter into colloquy:

I pictured Mary before me and began expressing the needs and desires of my heart. Much to my surprise, our conversation flowed with great ease. As I spoke with our Blessed Mother, she helped me to see in a new light the true nature of my needs and the heart of my desires. Through her gentle, loving presence, her encouragements, and consolations, I began to appreciate just how great Mary’s own love was for me. In the face of my doubts, I discovered the Mother of God expressing deep concern for me and wanting, even more than I, to deepen my relationship with her beloved son.

My heart leaped as she grasped my hand in hers, and rising, bid me follow her. …I had never felt so profoundly humbled and so deeply loved as I did in that moment. Standing before my Lord with Mary at my side—our hands clasped, a gentle, encouraging smile on her face—I was able to express myself and listen to his voice with a depth and focus I hadn’t even known had been missing.

Read the rest of Gurash’s experience with colloquy in “Conversing with Mary, Colloquy-Style.”

What has been your experience praying through colloquy?


  1. I try and picture myself holding Mary’s hand as she meets her son on the way to Calvary. Helping her up, so to speak, and supporting her.


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