Do Good Right Now

Here is Ignatius, the keen psychologist, putting his finger on a problem I know well.

We should never postpone a good work, no matter how small it may be, with the thought of later doing something greater. It is a very common temptation of the enemy to be always placing before us the perfection of things to come and bring us to make little of the present. (Emphasis added)

Resolved:  I will do the good thing I can do today.


  1. So true…especially in times like these when everything is projected into the future. After all, we don’t even know if we’ll be granted a tomorrow.

  2. My favorite reminder to myself is “you never know.” I mainly use it to refer to another’s state in life and why they are the way they are, but you can use it here too. Do something nice now, no matter how small because you never know. You never know what tomorrow brings, you never know how a loving little gesture can make all the difference in someone’s day. So make a difference!

    • Marg, have you ever seen the difference something small, seemingly insignificant or effortless has made in someone’s day and been surprised by it? Astonished by the effect? I had one such experience recently, and had to say that was the Holy Spirit at work, I was just along for the ride acting on the prompting because I had no idea the small kindness would have made such a difference to the persons involved. As you rightly say “you never know” but God surely does.

  3. So true! We may never know the benefits that grow from even a small good work, believing the impetus originates in our own little selves, though in reality, all good comes from God, so we are simply working on the prompting of the Holy Spirit. I have in mind that Franciscan hymn “Make Me A Channel Of Your Peace”.

  4. I also know this problem well. And I know the remorse that comes when I later realize the good I might have done that I didn’t. So thanks for the impetus, Jim. Do it now!


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