Emotions in Prayer

Featured Video - text next to image of tablet with video loadingVinita Hampton Wright, author of Small Simple Ways: An Ignatian Daybook for Healthy Spiritual Living, talks about the role of emotions in prayer in an episode of Pop-Up Prayer. She says, “God really wants us to deal with life as it actually is, not the way we would like it to be or we’d like it to appear to be.”

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  1. I really appreciate this article.

    Often times, I have felt reluctant to pray when I have been angry with my husband but realised I still had to try and do tell GOD that as a result of that anger what I have say at that time is the best I can do.

    I will show this article to my husband for when he is angry with me!!!

    Thank you.

  2. Thank you Vinita and Joe. I feel so grateful for the wisdom that you have both shared over the years
    May you experience much peace and joy in 2023!


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