Praying the Truth

William Barry, SJ, has published a new book, and that’s a cause for celebration.  It’s titled Praying the Truth: Deepening Your Friendship with God through Honest Prayer. Fr. Barry is one of the clearest and most insightful spiritual writers I know.  You can sample the book by going to its page on the Loyola Press website and clicking on the “See Inside” button.

Check out this this review on the British Jesuit website

Over the years, William Barry SJ has made a name for himself as a spiritual director, tertian director, clinical psychologist and writer of many books on prayer and Ignatian spirituality. Thus his reputation often precedes him, and his fame generates expectations of something showing insight and experience. Praying the Truth does not disappoint. In theory, it could be read from cover to cover within an hour or so, so simple and direct is its language. However, to read it quickly would only detract from the value and pleasure of nibbling away at the pages of this small volume, teasing out its richness one section at a time.

Barry’s tone is conversational and personal, intimate and honest. He does not resort to jargon and self-aggrandisement. His style is flowing, his anecdotes real, relevant and interesting, and the whole book is both thoughtful and thought-provoking. Barry’s abundant use of touching personal stories makes Praying the Truth useful both for personal reflection and as an aid in spiritual direction and religious formation. It is a book which young and old can enjoy, wherein they will find both worthwhile challenge and ample food for contemplation. It is certainly ideal reading material for a retreat and for private prayer.


  1. I also have read “Praying the Truth” and have found it excellent. There are so many wise statements but one that really made me think is: “Our desire for God is only a pale reflection of God’s desire for us.” I know how much I desire God so I can’t imagine how much God desires us in light of this amazing statement. What a blessing this book is. Thank you.

  2. I have read a few of Fr William Barry’s books and find this another one of his jewels! In my faith journey, I have been helped immensely by his deeply honest and prayerful reflections.
    The review on the website says it all.
    Bless you, Fr Barry.


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