Everything Is Changed

Something to think about | When a man feels condemned, his creativity and his power to love, his joy in life as well as his sense of wholeness are blocked. When that same man suddenly or gradually understands that he is not rejected or condemned but accepted and loved by another on whom he depends, he experiences the ‘refreshment of a healing stream. Everything is changed. There is sunshine again, and song. He can be glad and spread his happiness. Now he can give and love. He is a new man, a new creation. Things which were impossible when he felt condemned are now possible. It was the mission of Christ to bring man to that reconciliation and rebirth. Those who grasp that message, or rather, those to whom this event happens, we call Christians.

Peter van Breeman, SJ


  1. The other day I was given the book “Tattoos on the Heart” by Gregory Boyle, SJ. The author writes about the transformation of people through the love of Christ as experienced through the actions of others who are willing to treat them as Christ himself would. Knowing they are loved, people can reach their potential and experience true freedom.
    I give thanks that I have been able to grasp Christ’s message of reconciliation and rebirth and I am thankful for all who spread this message of life to others. God bless you for all that you do to spread the good news of Christ’s love.


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