1. I am supposed to be the Spiritual Director for the Region of a Society I belong to. I might add I did not seek this HONOUR?? as I didn’t consider myself to be holy enough. There was no course to take and and sometimes find it heavy going. I have to prepare something every couple of months, so It really stresses me out, I have written things myself, but can’t do that every time. So if I find something I think is relevant to our Society I go with that and always acknowledge the actual writer. I would love to be able to have a Spiritual director, instead of being one! I have studied a little Theology , but don’t consider that is enough. My friend who has, has left town so I miss her advice and input.One former Leader says I could just do the reading of the day and just say what it means to me. I think that is not what I should be doing. I will just have to pray for guidance I guess. A.M.D.G.

  2. Dear April~
    Concise and well done.
    Spiritual direction is one of the wonderful gifts of Ignatian spirituality.
    Thank you for sharing.

  3. I like her testimony to the effect Ignation spirituality has had on her life – not enough younger adults faces in such statements. It’s inspiring. The title of the post is misleading though – I thought I would hear about what spiritual direction was about and what it meant. Spiritual direction is so rare – it’s even hard to find out what the term means, who to contact to find out more, and why we should try so hard to seek spiritual direction – instead of trusting our own insights Priests are often at a loss to say where to look. I would love a video post that in 30 seconds could tell me what spiritual direction is for the uninitiated – then this video would encourage me to seek it in Ignation Spirituality. It has taken me years to discover the value of this spirituality, and I would love to hear more. Thanks for providing this website!


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