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In advance of the Academy Awards, Loyola Press is celebrating Film and Faith. One of the articles in the week-long series finds film critic Richard Leonard, SJ, looking at spiritual themes found in some of this year’s Oscar nominees. Read his article “The Top Spiritual Themes from Five Oscar Movies.”

What’s your favorite movie with a spiritual theme?


  1. It was great to get Richard Leonard’s take on these top films of 2013. He’s always perceptive and always instructive. I’d love to hear his view of Grande Bellezza, a film that deeply moved me even as it deeply confused me. I just turned off my brain and let it wash over me. What a gorgeous film, showcasing gorgeous Roma.

  2. The British have produced some interesting documentaries on contemporary Catholic life. Two that come to mind are: (1) In “The Big Silence” Benedictine Abbot Christopher Jamison introduces four lay persons to silence and meditation. (2) In “The Convent” four lay women live for a time with Sisters of the Poor Clares. What is powerful about these programs is the exploration of the tensions between contemporary secular mores and values and a more reflective discernment of how to live. The whole or parts of these are available on line to watch.

  3. I am unsure whether they made this into a movie but I did enjoy working the story of Asher Lev with my essay help students. Asher is visited in dreams by his mythic ancestor who wants to know if Asher will walk through the centuries with him (will Asher uphold their Jewish tradition). Forbidden by their religion to paint Asher finds a way to work his vocation and honour his Jewish faith too. Beautiful story.

  4. One of my favorite movies is “The Way” directed by Emilio Estevez. The story of a father, played by Martin Sheen, completing his deceased son’s and his own pilgrimage along the El Camino de Santiago.


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