Finding God in All Things?

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The Ignatian phrase “Finding God in All Things” is like the mysterious verse of St. Paul’s: “Pray without ceasing” (followed immediately in 1 Thessalonians by “In all circumstances give thanks.”). You ask, “How is that possible?” and “What does that really mean?”

There’s no pat answer to these questions, but this video has much insight into the incarnational quality of Ignatian spirituality that gives rise to the idea that we can find God in all things. Take a break and watch it.


  1. You are right. We need to find god in everything and everyone. Everything is created by god, good and the evil. Its just because of our ignorance we don’t recognize it yet.

  2. Finding God in all things and in all places is an important principle for people of goodwill across the length and breadth of multi-cultural and multi-religious India.


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