From Generosity to Friendship

Something to think about | “Sometimes those of us who have more power, more money, more time, or more knowledge bend down to those have less power, less knowledge, or less wealth; there is a movement from the ‘superior’ to the ‘inferior.’ When people are generous they are in control. You can imagine someone in the street falling down and you going to help that person to get up. Then something happens. As you listen to that person you become friends. Perhaps you discover that he or she is living in squalor and has little money. You are not just being generous, you are entering into a relationship which will change your life. You are no longer in control. You have become vulnerable; you have come to love that person. . . .
“Jesus says when you give a meal don’t invite the members of your family, your friends, or rich neighbors. When you give a really good meal, a banquet, invite the poor, the disabled, and the blind and you will be blessed (Luke 14). In biblical language to give a meal is to become a friend. So Jesus is asking us to come up from behind the walls of our group and open our hearts to those who have been marginalized because of their poverty, because of their handicaps, and become their friend. In the heart of Christ there is a yearning to bring people together to meet as friends. To make that move from generosity to communion of hearts will imply a new way of living. It will imply a transformation, because we will have lost power.”

Jean Vanier


  1. I am a giver heart to people who need my helped but sometimes people think I give more than my share .
    I always helped less people who do not have much !
    I do not give much cash just free meals and maybe a
    place to stay !😇

  2. this gospel is so deep in my heart, that i used it at my husband’s funeral. a little over ten years ago he and i began cooking a meal for the hungry.. for food or for company.. in the town next to ours. our policy was to treat them all as honored guests, not as recepients of our largesse. when he died, after 10 months in a vegetative state, a gentleman who had spoken to me many times about his mental illness and lonliness stopped me on the street to express condolences and assure me of his prayers. it is in giving that we receive


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