The God of My Beginning and End

Another prayer from The Ignatian Adventure by Kevin O’Brien, SJ. This time it is by Karl Rahner, SJ [1904-1984].

I should like to speak with you, my God,

and yet what else can I speak of but you?

Indeed, could anything at all exist

which had not been present with you from all eternity,

which didn’t have its true home

and most intimate explanation in your mind and heart?

Isn’t everything I ever say

really a statement about you?

On the other hand,

if I try, shyly and hesitantly,

to speak to you about yourself

you will still be hearing about me.

For what could I say about you

except that you are my God,

The God of my beginning and end,

God of my joy and my need,

God of my life?


  1. A shocking revelation, that no matter how hard I try to use the law to please God, it’s His unmerited grace that finally saves me. Thank you Lord, do not look on my inequities

  2. The God of My Beginning and End: As I was meditating on this prayer, I remembered a homily given by my good friend, Fr. Burke, which started out this way:
    “There is nothing we have that did not come from God.”

    That says it all, doesn’t it? God bless you.

  3. For me, a perspective of the laws to enlighten us to sin, and to lead us to grace and salvation in Jesus. Somewhat unsettling at first, then there is hope.


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