Advent Retreat 2011: The Third Week of Advent

Welcome to the Third Week of Advent! As we continue our Advent retreat, here’s a brief reflection to start your week. Please share your retreat experience with others here throughout the week in the comments.

The Third Week of Advent: Rejoice, Because the Lord Is Near!Petition: Ask for the grace to live in the joyous expectation of the Lord’s coming, who comes to bring us the grace of salvation.peaceAll creation is striving to bring forth a mystery beyond itself, a kingdom of peace and justice. The created world models it, the prophets foretell it, the psalmist celebrates it, and Jesus shows us what it looks like in reality. All of these invite us to let God’s kingdom come to birth in our own lives.

—Excerpted from 2012: A Book of Grace-Filled Days by Margaret Silf


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