God Speaks in a Thousand Languages

In the Igniting Our Values Jesuit pilgrimage for Lent, Jack Bentz, SJ, reflects on Our Lady of Aranzazu and writes:

St. Ignatius was a truster. Even though he became the champion of finding God in his own experience, he was able to trust the devotional life of his culture and expand it, deepen it. If there was a holy hermit in his neighborhood he would visit her, if there was a miraculous statue of the Virgin Mary appearing in a thorn bush he would pray before it. Who was he to judge that grace was not happening? For Ignatius, God was able to speak in a thousand languages and he wanted to hear God whenever and wherever other people had heard Him.

We talk often of finding God in all things, but when was the last time you focused your search on where others are finding God to learn from their experiences? How does considering where others experience God’s grace help you in your own spiritual journey?


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