Gratitude Challenge

We’ve talked many times on this blog about the importance of gratitude. As we head into the weekend, here’s a challenge from author Tommy Newberry:

In the next 48 hours, overdo the gratitude – both in prayer and in person – express your appreciation as though you’re only allowed to keep those blessing[s] that you show that you are clearly and genuinely thankful for possessing.

What are you most grateful for today?

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  1. i am grateful everyday for all Our Lord Jesus Christ has blessed me with. i guess you can say i have a fear that if i don’t pray and try to help others in some small way, God might take something away from my life. in a way it’s a good thing. marriage is strong, daughter is close and strong, blessed with a kindey transplant ( which i thank him everyday). the list of grateful things goes on, but, the most i am grateful for is Our Lord Jesus Christ forgiving me my sins and continuing to show me a better life.

  2. I am so very grateful and thankful for the two women in my life–my mother and my wife. my mother for running me around to all of my doctor appointments and to the store and any other errands I may have. my wife for her prayers and affirmations and her sweet attitude when I am being in the flesh over situations in my life. thank you Lord for this opportunity to share with others about my life.

  3. I put this gratitude challenge into practice today and it really helped deepen my sense of how intensely beautiful God’s creation is. I was bowled over by”beauty upon beauty.” Is “thank you” ever enough?
    It seems I was carried the whole day by God’s grace and an awareness of wonder. And that is only the first twelve hours! Thank you for the reminder…..

  4. This may sound silly, but a neighbor allowed us to get rid of some sliding closet doors by putting them in the dumpster he arranged for his own home (he was moving). Never met or talked to this man, but he was as gracious as could be. He knows “love thy neighbor”, even though he is from a different culture and ethnicity. God moves us all with charity, no matter how we worship. For that, I am grateful. I go now to give him something in return for his favor.


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