Greg Boyle on Gangs

I’m a fan of Fr. Greg Boyle, the Jesuit who has done remarkable work rehabilitating members of gangs in Los Angeles. I’ve written about him here.  (More here and here.)   Last week he spoke at my alma mater, St. Peter’s College in Jersey City. Here is an interview he did with a local newspaper. He’s pretty blunt:

If our outreach to gang members does not involve concrete help, Jesus is not interested. Jesus stood with those on the margins, with those whose burdens were more than they can bear, with the easily despised and the readily left-out; with the poor and powerless and the voiceless. And so it is a privilege to stand with the demonized, so that the demonizing will stop. To stand with the disposable, so that the day will come when we stop throwing people away.


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