How to Have Fun When All Around You Are Getting Grumpy

  • Put on as background music, A Chipmunk Christmas.
  • Put out a plate of cookies in the middle of the day.
  • Make up at least one gag gift.
  • Invite dogs and cats into the gift-wrapping process.
  • Invite toddlers into the gift-wrapping process.
  • Go for a drive at night and look at Christmas lights.
  • Keep a pot of apple cider simmering, all day long.
  • Let the six-year-old help decorate—cookies, the tree, the packages.
  • Take the crankiest child on a little excursion, just the two of you, and ask for help picking out a present or ornament or book.
  • Dance around the house to “Jingle Bell Rock” and other oldies.
  • Go to the skating rink.
  • Help a neighbor put up lights or shovel snow.
  • Take Christmas cards, ornaments, or goodies to senior citizens you know.
  • Choose one day to sleep late and follow absolutely no agenda.
  • Make a date with a good friend (that may be your significant other)—just the two of you to have coffee or window shop or walk in the forest preserve.
  • Watch at least three Christmas movies.

How do you have fun during this season? Share your insights in the comments section.


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