Indifference the Ignatian Way

Tim Muldoon talking about Ignatian mindfulness - screenshot

Tim Muldoon is doing a video series on Ignatian mindfulness. In the episode below, he talks about indifference as understood the Ignatian way and how it relates to our understanding our COVID-19 situation.

Muldoon is the author of books including Living Against the Grain and The Ignatian Workout. Find more of his videos on Ignatian mindfulness here.


  1. What a lucky find. I enjoyed your thoughtful, deep and short messages about faith and personal growth based on the way set before us by Saint Ignatius. Thank you Tim Muldoon.

  2. Thank you, so much. As somehow I now don’t have any sound for most things( Technician) I was able to read what was said . So I am very thankful. The reflection: Was probably what I need at this time. Although out side it is freezing here. I will want to read it again soon, to make sure I absorbed it. You are a fast talker, and I am old. God bless you and again Thank you. A.M.D.G.


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