“Intimate Understanding and Relish of the Truth”

From the Spiritual Exercises:The one who explains to another the method and order of meditating or contemplating should narrate exactly the facts of the contemplation or meditation.  Let him adhere to the points, and add only a short or summary explanation.  The reason for this is that when one in meditating takes the solid foundation of facts, and goes over it and reflects on it for himself, he may find something that makes them a little clearer or better understood. . . . This produces greater spiritual relish and fruit than if one giving the Exercises had explained and developed the meaning at great length.  For it is not so much knowledge that fills and satisfies the soul, but the intimate understanding and relish of the truth.  (SE 2)


  1. The topic of mediatation can be complicated as it entails quieting the mind and this can be a challenge for some. Being specific with a soothing voice is always the best practice to guide the subject through the meditation. I invite you to visit http://www.the-spiritualawakening.com and to leave comments with a link back to your site. May your day be filled with much peace, love, and happiness.
    Jonathan JDOGG Lederman

  2. I take that to mean show, don’t tell. It does work that way, paints the picture so we can do it again with our own material.


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