Jesus’ Program

Something to think about | Jesus has his program. First, invite each person to live as though all were gift and they owned nothing of themselves. Even when they are rich, invite them to live so as to show that all they have is gift.

Then next, help them to treat privileges, honor, and fame as the smoke that they are. Help them to see that the only legitimate power is that exercised for the sake of serving those over whom it is wielded. Help them to see that a life of frugality and powerlessness, freely embraced, brings tremendous safety and gives great authority.

Then, finally,  they will come most securely to know that they are totally created, momently, from nothing, by God the Lord. They will live convinced that God sets their values for them and decides what will make them happy. So they will have grown humble. Once humble, no temptation will throw them and they will live the Mind of Christ Jesus.

Joseph Tetlow, SJ

Choosing Christ in the World


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