Keeping Good Company for Your Soul

Keeping Good Company for Your Soul video screenshot - car driving in desert
God and Creator of my soul, I feel lonely.
I want another person to talk to,
someone who understands the struggle it is to pray sometimes,
someone who values what I value: faith and true virtue and holy work to heal the world.
I am weary of hearing only my voice and contemplating only my thoughts about you.
If another person could hear my thoughts and then speak to them, that would be a lovely, restorative experience.
Sometimes Divine presence is so much sweeter when it is shared.
If it is your will, please send a companion for these days.

Enjoy a video version of this reflection:

Counting the Gifts of Ignatian Spirituality: 10th Anniversary of


  1. Your post affirms a great need:
    “Please, Lord, send friend(s) who can listen and hear me for who I am, essentially; one who’d take my hand and walk each other home to You.

  2. Thanks for this timely reflection. Everyone can benefit by having a soulmate. And asking the Lord to guide us the best way.


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