Making Progress

Joseph Tetlow, SJ,  says that he had to learn to listen, as Ignatius did.

I had to learn about others’ needs. Some need solid instruction. Some need a way to reform a life that has gone bad. Some need to hear what God wants with their whole lives. You find, when you listen to enough men and women today, that we all feel this same broad range of needs.

Very commonly, retreatants report a mild depression. They know that they are getting nowhere, sunk in consumerism. People find the same help that Ignatius found in feeling a sense of moving along, of getting somewhere. Ignatius organized the Exercises for that purpose, “to make progress.”

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  1. Thanks for sharing this article. I appreciate Fr. Joseph Tetlow’s writing so much as he is very direct: “Our fussing about conservative and liberal, about liturgy and others’ sins, fades into hot air and fog when we stand under His Cross.” How very true!


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