More on Dave Brubeck

Last month in a post about the late Dave Brubeck, I mentioned that the great jazz pianist and composer had become a Catholic shortly after composing a Mass TO HOPE. The Mass was commissioned by Brubeck’s friend, Ed Murray, editor of the Our Sunday Visitor newspaper in Indiana.  Yesterday, Ed Murray himself left a comment giving some background on the Mass and his friendship with Brubeck.  It’s fascinating.

I’ve never heard TO HOPE.  After reading Murray’s comment, I ordered a copy.


  1. Jim,
    Thank you so much for your post on Dave Brubeck. It moved me so much to read about his conversion to Catholicism and the manner in which he shared his gift of music. My sister is a musician, who performed a musical piece entitled “Fiddler’s Three” composed by Dave’s son, Chris, several years ago. The performed the piece with the Boston Pops Orchestra.
    It so happens that both of our families mourned the loss of our fathers this past year. Thanks to your post, I was able to let my sister know about Dave’s passing, and of the ways in which he shared his gifts.
    My sister wrote to me to share that she and Chris were able to re-connect, to share loving memories of wonderful fathers who shared their faith with us, and with the world, through the gift of music.
    Thank you, so much for your post. Please know that your words reached outward, and afforded two families with healing moments…all grace. Thank you!


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