Noticed Something in Meetings

men in conversationRaj Vijayakumar, SJ, overbooked himself at the end of the semester and noticed something:

I noticed sometimes things would seem to work, and I would walk out of the meeting refreshed and invigorated. Other times, I found things just didn’t work—the gathering was boring, and uninteresting, and I left feeling zapped of all my energy. I wondered to myself, what could have possessed me to meet up with that individual!?

However, I noticed something even more interesting. The meetings that I had with all those people, paralleled how I came to meet God in prayer. That is, when things went well in those encounters, all those things also seemed to go well in prayer. When things went poorly, often times I was doing those same things in my conversations with God.

Read several of Vijayakumar’s examples in the igNation post “Conversations with God.”


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