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    Ignatian Contemplation

    Prayer using the imagination is a pillar of the Ignatian spiritual tradition. In its most common form, you take a passage from scripture, usually one of...

    Contemplation on the Love of God

    The Contemplation on the Love of God is the concluding meditation of the Spiritual Exercises (Spiritual Exercises, 231-237). It presents a God who loves...
    seeds on water - evoking quiet moment - photo by Evgenia Basyrova from Pexels

    A Quiet Miracle

    “May you take time to celebrate the quiet miracles that seek no attention.” —John O’Donohue I recently began the Fourth Week of the Spiritual Exercises...
    doing dishes - © Loyola Press. All rights reserved.

    Doing Dishes with Our Father

    The Scripture verses included in the following imaginative contemplation are not exact translations but rather an invitation to readers to look up the texts...
    Prayer of an Aging Disciple - text on art inspired by cover of book "Answering God's Call" by Barbara Lee

    Prayer of an Aging Disciple

    Lord, grant me the grace to live in the present and recognize what is possible to look to the future and trust you to be silent, and...
    close-up of woman's teacup as she reads - photo by Farzad Mohamadi on Unsplash

    How to Build in Time to Pray

    For me, late August means back to school and a more rigorous schedule than in the summer. While I work over the summer, late...
    man leaving with suitcase to walk into sunrise over path - photo by Mantas Hesthaven on Unsplash

    Why I Left IT to Join the Jesuits

    Editor’s note: Throughout July, we’re celebrating 31 Days with St. Ignatius, a month-long celebration of Ignatian spirituality. In addition to the calendar of Ignatian articles found here,...
    elderly man praying with rosary

    Looking Back on Prayer

    We can look back on prayer in more than one way. Judge what is most helpful for you at this time. Prayer at Different Life...
    stained glass Mary holding baby Jesus

    Getting to Know Jesus at the Heart Level

    This post is based on Week Four of An Ignatian Prayer Adventure. When my husband and I first married, we moved over 500 miles away...
    The Ignatian Guide to Forgiveness Lenten Read-Along - text next to hands holding heart image

    Lenten Read-Along: The Lost Sheep Imaginative Reflection

    Pray with an Ignatian contemplation on the Parable of the Lost Sheep from Luke 15:4–7. This exercise is inspired by Step Two in The...