Pope Francis Made Some New Friends in Rome

Pope Francis meets with children, co-authors of "Dear Pope Francis"Pope Francis answers 30 questions from children around the world in the newly released Dear Pope Francis. Last week at the Vatican, he met some of his young correspondents. As reported in America magazine:

The children, all excited, were sitting on the ground, in a semi-circle in front of the pope’s chair, when Francis arrived with a big smile. They immediately jumped to their feet and joyfully embraced him with great affection, much to his joy. When that first wave of enthusiasm passed they sat down again and, after official introductions, they asked him additional questions that are not in the book.

Good Morning America reported on the story as seen in the below video.

If you’re receiving this via e-mail, click through to watch the video Pope Francis Writes First Children’s Book.


  1. The thing about the Jesuits is that despite their obvious high intellect and academic prowess, making them most erudite! they are able to serve us and lead us towards a better appreciation of what we could become – this at the highest level of our own very dear Papa, Pope Francis – his display of love for us all, expressed most clearly with the children, combines with genuine affection and touches our hearts – we are so grateful for this lead from you for so faithfully uniting us with the One True God.


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