Sending Christmas Cards or Not?

Christmas cardsPaul Sullivan considers the work and cost of sending Christmas cards in a lighthearted post at igNation. He begins:

It’s that time of year again.

You know, when you think about sending Christmas cards to friends and loved ones, but as one Canada Post deadline after another sails by, they stay in the box until next year, when they won’t get sent then, either.

I’m not exactly sure what keeps them in the box. There are plenty of reasons, even without inertia. And inertia’s good enough. I should belong to Inertia Anonymous.

But Christmas cards are hard work.

Christmas cards may be an extra chore to some during December, but they can also be a thoughtful gesture received gratefully by recipients. Writing cards can be a call to reflect on your relationship with the addressee in a prayerful way.

Do you send Christmas cards? Why or why not?

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  1. I send Christmas cards to those who do not have email. At one time I used to send out Christmas cards to so many people most of whom live abroad, however, the cost of postage has become so exhorbitant especially overseas that now I only send cards to my relatives and friends abroad who are not on email. With my email greeting I do make sure I send a meaningful message along with news of my family. I do love sending cards, I just can’t afford the postage.

  2. I have been debating and debating over this and have read so many articles online about sending cards verses not sending cards as this tradition wanes more and more. I think in this techno savy age, I feel I should send out Christmas cards to remind people that their are some things that technology doesnt always replace. I know it can be stressful when you have so many other things to do this time of year to help celebrate our Saviors Birth but In the end I would have to say, I think God would like it because we are showing we are caring about other people. Our Blessed Lord made the ultimate sacrifice for us, Could we do any less? and make some small sacrifice and send cards to make peoples day alittle happier during this special time of year instead of receiving a bill in the mail> or a letter from a organizations asking us for donations. I see many traditions have fallen by the wayside, Sadly, Even with sending thankyou cards and responding to rsvps etc. I am determined to keep some things not fall by the way side such as sending out Christmas cards. I will also probably have the annual argument with my Husband over why send cards to people if they dont send one back to us? I never understood that reasoning. I am sending a card to wish someone a Happy Christmas greeting whether they want to wish one back its up to them. No need to cut them off the list if they dont send one back. I dont send cards to get a card back. This is just my thoughts on this subject on such a changing world that we live in. We need to keep some sense of tradition! Like fiddler on the roof! Blessings, AveMaria Linda God Bless Us everyone, and ( I promise to keep Christmas in my heart all year round) Charles Dickens

  3. Sending and receiving cards is one of my favorite parts of the holiday! It is a time that is always set aside for connecting with people I may not have remembered to reach out to during the year. I know it makes people feel special. I send photos and a letter so that they know I want them to be included in my family’s circle, as most of them have influenced me and my children in some way during our lives. I also love to design or create art for my own cards. It’s a time to be creative and share that with others. As I receive cards, I hang them around the door in my kitchen so that I can think and pray about the sender when I see the card. I feel that if it seems like a burden, then my heart is not in the right place– it’s the least I can do, to reach out and share my love during Christmas with those that matter to me.

  4. I don’t send Christmas cards. I used to but one Christmas, when I was writing out the cards I noticed I was really resenting the chore (time pressures, money worries etc.) and I thought of the idea that God loves a cheerful giver and I certainly was not that! To be honest, I didn’t even find much joy in receiving most of them. It seemed to me that many were just sent out of obligation rather than a true gift of self. I determined to share the joy of the season in other ways, such as, with my wife and children hosting a somewhat lavish Christmas get-together where we enjoy food, family and fun, along with a glass of wine or two!

  5. I do send Christmas cards. I feel it is important to keep in touch with friends and family that I don’t normally see. Also, it is a way of showing that I care about certain individuals and have not forgotten them. Some have long letters in them and others have short messages. I better get started!

  6. Yes I send Christmas cards so that I can leave doors open especially to family members or friends who are estranged. They may respond. I especially like to choose cards with a meaningful message and I send individual cards designated to a particular relative or relationship to those with whom we no longer exchange Christmas presents.

  7. I do send Christmas cards, perhaps too many, but I do it to touch base with people I love whom I don’t see often, just so they know I am thinking of them. It gives me a chance to wish them blessings for the Feast and for the New Year.


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