Sitting in Silence

Featured Video - text next to image of tablet with video loadingWhat would you hear if you sat in silence? That’s the question that Margaret Felice considers in the below video. This reflection originally appeared as the post “Listening to Silence” on Margaret’s blog, Felice mi fa.

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  1. In the silence I can hear the whisper of God speaking to my heart. Oftentimes it is overwhelming but comforting as well.

  2. Beautiful! What would I hear if I sat in Silence? GOD ! I would not be alone — He is always with me though many years ago I had become very good at ignoring Him! Now, every moment spent is silence is precious! He is my Guiding Light, my Spiritual Director!

  3. In the silence alone with my God I can be my authentic self and it frees me to talk to my God and to listen and I feel loved .

  4. So very much to be appreciated in the silences of this life. It is there He finds us, and we find the heart of our true self in the pure love and mercy of our Creator. The very author of life wrapping us in His grace!


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