Snow Art and Indifference

As many of us deal with the effects of snow and frigid temperatures, here’s a video of British artist Simon Beck’s snow art to help us appreciate the beauty of the season. Beck’s canvas is ever-changing with the winds, so that he often wakes up in the morning to see the previous day’s art blown away. But it’s a lesson in Ignatian indifference, acknowledging that the meticulous work of one day has to start anew the next.

If you’re receiving this via e-mail, click through to watch the video Snow Art and Indifference.


  1. So many life lessons in this video! I find it very interesting that today Loyola Press’ 3 Minute Retreat was entitled “Radical Forgiveness” – God wipes away our faults and shortcomings just as the wind blows away the work of this artist. Thank you very much for sharing this.


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