Sweat and Tiredness

Each Sunday we ask our Facebook community, “Where have you found God this weekend?” The submissions are often very thoughtful, such this one from Cassi O.:

In the heat of my house with its broken a/c that won’t be fixed till tomorrow night, and [it] feels like temp outside is 107. Actual temp is about 93. I’m feeling grateful for having a/c that works most of the time. I meditated on all the people who never have that luxury, not only all around the world but the inmates here in Florida where none of the prisons have a/c. God is found in sweat and tiredness as much as He is found in lilies and butterflies.

Whatever the temperature in your area, it’s a good reminder to look for God in the times of sweat and tiredness too. If you’re not already connected with the Ignatian spirituality community on Facebook, now’s a good time to join the conversation.


  1. Lately I have shared my Catholic faith with “cyber” friends. No doubt, some think I’ve lost my marbles and “found” religion. It occurred to me what they think and what they know is not that important. What is important is for them to understand I have always had religion and am unafraid to share my faith and spirituality. I praise God in gratitude for the little courage he has granted me.


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