Thoughts on Dreaming

We are designed to dream; this impulse and ability is built into the wiring of our brains and the beating of our hearts. Sleep dreams happen on their own, but the dreams we consciously have for ourselves require some commitment, some thought, and sometimes lots of prayer.

Let’s Talk about Dreams

When I speak of dreams here, I don’t mean the mind’s journeys while you’re sleeping. I refer to dreams—visions, imaginings—you have for yourself, for those you love, for your larger community. Dreams do make a difference, but how exactly? When has a dream sent your life in a different direction? When has a dream given you the ability and the nerve to do something new? When do you know that a dream needs attention—that maybe […]

Work That Matters

I used to get so frustrated at all the small, routine bits of work I must do just to maintain existence—cleaning, cooking, sorting/filing, and so on. But one day it occurred to me that maintenance must be pretty important, even in the spiritual view, because it is so woven into existence. We can’t avoid it; in fact, if we neglect maintenance, we are prevented from doing other things well. Unless we choose a very austere […]

Going Home: A Pilgrimage

Have you ever considered going home as a pilgrimage? Maybe you’re going back to the hometown of your childhood, or maybe you’re going to the town in which you attended college or got married or began your career. If the location has a lot of meaning for you, why not be intentional about your visit? Make it a journey of gratitude. As you wander that location, make a list of all the gifts that place […]

When God Sings through Your Life

Try to imagine God singing through your soul. God is expressing love, wisdom, beauty, and truth through your specific life. What would God’s vocabulary be? What words frequently show up in your conversation, in your thoughts? Are they words with a distinctive accent? What region of the country or the world is evident in your words and the way you speak them? What kinds of work does God work through, using your life? What do […]

The Correct Use of More Daylight

Here in the Midwest, our days are longer during the summer. The sun is up before I head out to work, and it’s still shining when I commute home. Back in southeast Kansas, where I grew up, I remember the sky being light at 10 p.m. Loved those long summer days! I would rise close to dawn, just to sit out in our large backyard and watch sunshine light up the grass and the birds […]

Video Reflection: Resurrection

We have journeyed through Lent, all the way through the darkness and passionate love of Holy Week. We waited for the Resurrection, and it came, in its own glorious truth. We have spent this week meditating on how we respond to the Risen Christ, and what the Resurrection means for us. Now enjoy our Friday reflection video. This post is a part of An Ignatian Prayer Adventure, Week 8.

Because of the Resurrection

Now that we have journeyed with Jesus through his Incarnation—even to suffering and death, and then even through to resurrection and new life—what is our response? Here are some wise words from the Spiritual Exercises, to guide our hearts in prayer this week: I ask for what I desire: for interior knowledge of all the great good I have received, in order that, stirred to profound gratitude, I may become able to love and serve […]

The Resurrected Christ Appears

In the Gospels, we have various accounts of the risen Jesus appearing, to: The women at the tomb: Matthew 28:1–8; Mark 16:1–8; Luke 24:1–12; John 20:1–13 The women: Matthew 28:9–10; Mark 16:9–11; Luke 24:10–11; John 20:14–18 The disciples on the road to Emmaus: Mark 16:12–13; Luke 24:13–35 The disciples, minus Thomas: Luke 24:36–43; John 20:19–23 The disciples, including Thomas: John 20:24–29 The eleven, while they sit at the table: Mark 16:14–18 The eleven on a […]

Help My Hurting Heart

Consider Lent a time for tending wounds. Consider Holy Week a container for your pain, your heartbreak, your disappointment, your anxiety, your grief. Consider these days a time of special communion, in which you walk with Jesus. Your prayers this week can be simple: “God, help my hurting heart.” “Lord, take all that’s unresolved in my life and please hold it tenderly, watchfully.” “Jesus, how can I be a friend to you when others run […]

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