Alms and the Kingdom of God

I was inspired by this video by Greg Pierce, a Chicago businessman who is a gifted speaker and writer. Here is the YouTube link. This video is part of an online Lenten retreat that is underway at the Days of Deepening Friendship website.  Pierce has just published a new book The World as it Should Be: Living Authentically in the Here-and-Now Kingdom of God and he refers to it in the video.  The retreat and […]

Try Bothering for Lent

This Lent, says Fr. Jim Martin, SJ, take the time to “bother.”  He points out that the people who angered Jesus were people like the two guys who ignored the wounded man in the parable of the Good Samaritan.  These are people who didn’t bother to love.  He goes on: So this Lent, instead of fasting, why not bother? Instead of a negative Lent, how about a positive one? Instead of giving up chocolate for […]

Waiting in the Dark

My sister and her husband, who live in Oregon, had their inaugural bike ride of the season yesterday. She wrote that the sun was shining, daffodils are up and blooming, crocus fields are thriving and it was 65 degrees as they rounded the road on their way home. It is in contrast to the unusually harsh winter we are having here in Omaha, with more snow coming down again. I want to protest: I live […]

Pray with Jesuits for Lent

Ash Wednesday was only yesterday, so it’s not too late to start a Lenten prayer program.  We suggested several last week.  Here are two more–both from Jesuits. The Spiritual Exercises blog offers a daily program of prayer and reflection based on the Spiritual Exercises.  It’s a collaborative effort of four Jesuits.  The reflections are meant to be read in order, so if you want to follow this program for Lent, jump in right now.  The […]

What to Avow or Amend

For Ash Wednesday — a poem by Gerard Manley Hopkins and a painting by Dennis McNally, SJ, inspired by it. The poem is titled “The Lantern Out of Doors.” Sometimes a lantern moves along the night, That interests our eyes. And who goes there? I think; where from and bound, I wonder, where, With, all down darkness wide, his wading light? Men go by me whom either beauty bright In mould or mind or what […]

Lent Online

Ash Wednesday is a week from today.  It’s time to make some plans about how you will observe the season of Lent. Have you ever considered praying online?  If you are reading this blog post, you spend at least part of your day on the internet.  You might want to do some praying in the virtual world.  If you click on the green image in the right sidebar, you will find some suggestions for online […]

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