Everyone Experiences God

I can say, with no reservations, that everyone experiences God. We might not all use the same language for the experience. We might not recognize the experience as having anything to do with God. We might not share that experience with others, because it is deeply private or because we’re not sure how to communicate it. But the Divine seeks us, desires us, and waits for the opportunity to meet us. Fortunately for us, God […]

When Did You First Encounter the Risen Christ?

I took a long sip of my hot coffee to give me a minute to process his question. Sitting across from me was a man in his late twenties who had just asked me, “When did you first encounter the Risen Christ?” His question made me pause. Not only was I thrown off by the depth of his question within minutes of meeting each other, but I was not prepared to be the one asked this […]

On Spiritual Experiences

Brendan Busse, SJ, received a note from one of his students asking about the role of dramatic spiritual experiences in belief. Here’s one excerpt from Busse’s thoughtful reply (which can be read in full at The Jesuit Post). And there it is. You’re having a life. You’re having experiences. You’ll have more of them. To know that they are meaningful and that their strength is in their depth as well as in their simplicity, in […]

Finding God in Our Desires

Do you know anyone with doubts about God?  Point them to three recent articles by Fr. Jim Martin, SJ, in the Huffington Post. Martin says that God can be found in a feelings of incompletion, common longings and connections, and unusual “mystical” experiences. These are expressions of desire: our desire for God and God’s desire for us. The trick is to recognize them as such. Martin tells a story: One friend, a self-described workaholic who […]

An Evangelical Lay-Centered Church?

Mark Massa, SJ, tells his students at Fordham that “sitting at Mass doesn’t make you a Christian, any more than sitting in a garage makes you a car.” He thinks that the Catholic emphasis on a mediated, sacramental faith needs to be balanced by a new emphasis on discipleship and a direct experience of the holy. In the 16th century, the Reformation forced Catholics and Protestants alike into taking theological stances that were polemical and […]