Whether you’re a runner or not, Colten Biro’s story may resonate. He notices a woman running on the opposite side of the street from his running path and feels competitive: I’m over seven miles into the run, and my legs begin quietly complaining about the increase. Still, I run. The beautiful leaves and color move a little faster past me, but I’m sure they are just as pretty, I think to myself. I give a […]

Why Celebrate Labor Day

Joe Simmons, SJ, shares 32 Reasons to Celebrate Labor Day. Read the entire list over at The Jesuit Post, but here’s a sampling to get us thinking this holiday. Labor is the smile mom forced to snuff out her yawn after working third shift. Labor robs life of indolence to reward it with satisfaction. Labor is the scratchy calloused palms your grandpa developed, so you wouldn’t have to. Labor groans at sunrise, but sighs contentment […]

A Jesuit-Jedi Connection?

Star Wars fans have watched the new movie, and many have commented on it online. Our friends at The Jesuit Post provide some commentary that should be of interest to Ignatian fans of the movie franchise: 8 Ways Jesuits & Jedi Are Alike, and 3 Ways They’re Not.

Quiz: How Ignatian Are You?

Our friends at The Jesuit Post created a quiz that asks, “How Ignatian Are You?” Take it below or at the original site, and let us know how you do. Not sure about some of your answers? Reference these articles to get the facts, and then try taking the quiz again. St. Ignatius Loyola St. Francis Xavier What Are the Spiritual Exercises? Living “Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam” Lunar Footnote The Daily Examen

Competitive Spirit

How strong is your competitive spirit? Garrett Gundlach, SJ, considers trophy collections and a recent cut-throat board game night. “Don’t let the perfect be the enemy of the good,” they say. But that just sounds like another participation trophy to me. It sounds like winning a pity prize simply for showing up, for surviving. All this is as exhausting as it is egocentric. I want out, but I’m hooked. I cannot be “my best” until […]

Visiting an Art Museum

Matt White admits that in visiting an art museum, there is a temptation to rush through the galleries, trying to see as many works as possible in a short time: It is a temptation I have succumbed to many times in my life. I have gone to art museums thinking that my visits were only successful if I saw a lot of paintings and took a lot of pictures. However, all those times of rushing […]

The Importance of Authenticity

At The Jesuit Post, Keith Maczkiewicz, SJ, writes about “Critique and Authenticity: When the Ideal Obscures the Good.” He relates a story of a time when authenticity won out over his internal critique and concludes: The truth is that assuming a posture of critique and insisting on the ideal (whatever that is) means I often miss out on the opportunities to encounter the authentic. Too often I’m dismissing what is for what’s hoped for or […]

Ebola and the Questions of Suffering

Brendan Busse, SJ, offers food for thought related to ebola reports. What if the lives and suffering of others actually affected us? Here’s another question: What if we came to understand that they already do? What if we knew that remaining untouched and unmoved meant that we were already dead? What if, instead of fear we were struck with care, instead of paranoia, love? What a cure we would have found! Read the full article, […]

Responding to Violence

We know that there is too much violence in the world. While he may not have answers for curbing the violence, Jason Downer, SJ, suggests a few ideas for Responding to Violence in a New Way. “It can be something as simple as when reading articles about the violence, to go over them slowly, prayerfully.” What needs your prayerful response today?

Jesuit Madness

The Jesuit Post is taking a light-hearted look at the lives of Jesuit saints in Jesuit Madness 2014. First round voting ends tonight, with 16 contenders for the title. Read the “scouting reports” for brief bios that in many cases include sports nicknames for each saint.

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