A Thin Place with Veterans

Dean Hall shared with our Ignatian Spirituality Facebook community a story about experiencing a thin place in his work serving homeless veterans. One of the veterans in a small group setting shared a traumatic event that sparked a dialogue. There is no way I can capture the moment in the middle of group when a quiet presence filled that space; I knew in an instant that the Divine was with us, comforting these men, providing […]

Musing about Thin Places

Ginny Kubitz Moyer muses about thin places at her blog, Random Acts of Momness: Perhaps thin places are places where we don’t need to work quite as hard to see the divine. They’re the places where there are fewer barriers to our ability to recognize God, whatever those barriers may be. Ginny lists some thin places for her. Becky Eldredge has written here on dotMagis about the idea of thin places and shares some of […]

Lenten Meditation 6: Scripture as a Thin Place

We should be aware of the thin places in our lives because they make experiences of God’s desire for each one of us, and our desire for God, more possible by capturing our attention and pulling us out of our ordinary routines and concerns. Scripture, either heard or read, can be a thin place if we let the words capture our imagination and attention. Scripture will not be a thin place if we read it […]

Thin Places

William Barry, SJ, in his book, A Friendship Like No Other, invites us to be aware of our “thin places,” those moments where we easily find God. Barry’s challenge to name for ourselves our “thin places” was a challenge I took to heart, and I have come to two conclusions. First, there are “thin places” that occur in my life that are unique, special places that I do not get to visit very often, but […]