The Best Ignatian Songs: Yahweh

My friend Paul Campbell listed the ten best Ignatian movies on his People for Others blog. (The best in his opinion. Check out the comments.) I thought I’d try my hand at Ignatian songs.

What’s an Ignatian song, you ask? It’s music that expresses, exemplifies, or evokes one of the qualities of Ignatian spirituality. Learn about them by poking around this website. Start on the “What Is Ignatian Spirituality?” page here.My first choice is “Yahweh” by U2. It’s an Ignatian song because the singer is asking God to give him good work to do. The lyrics are here. A sample:

Take these hands

Teach them what to carry

Take these hands

Don’t make a fist

Take this mouth

So quick to criticise

Take this mouth

Give it a kiss

Here’s the song:


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