The Greg Boyle Movie

For the past 20 years, Fr. Greg Boyle, SJ, has been running services for former gang members in Los Angeles that operate under the umbrella of Homeboy Industries.  One of the many people who’ve been inspired by his work is Freida Mock, an Oscar-winning documentary filmmaker.  Her film G-DOG, about Boyle and his work, is set for theatrical release next year.  Here’s a clip from the film, showing Boyle at Mass in juvenile prison.  (Click here to watch it on YouTube.)



    • I treasure my copy, signed by Fr. Greg when I met him in LA. I see that Mike Hayes commented here; I have him to thank for inviting me to Fordham last year, where I met Fr. Greg for the second time, and heard him give the most amazing talk.

  1. Nobody inspires me more than Greg Boyle. Imagine knowing what he knows about some of these guys and somehow he’s able to look past their horrible actions and love them anyway.
    If that’s not Christ acting through him, I don’t know what is.

    • It is. That too is what Creighton’s retreat week 5, this week, is about too, seeing world evil as sinful and then seeing the the redemption by Christ. Fr. Boyle is doing exactly what we are supposed to do.
      It is not possible to look at someone who does pure unadulterated evil (think Hitler, Hussain) — unless God helps us do it.

  2. I am like Fran in that Fr. Greg’s commitment to the wounded and vulnerable is such an inspiration and a great motivator. In our parish we have a ministry to people touched by the justice system and one part of that ministry is to meet, learn and pray monthly – a bit of an introduction for people to get their feet wet so to speak – and a couple of years ago we discussed Fr. Greg’s book “Tatoos on the Heart” which impacted many of us.
    What really impacted me in this movie clip is the young men. Recently I was with some young women in prison and the fear and hopelessness is ever-present but if we can plant a seed of hope with God’s help, that is so powerful. All we can really do is to be there and be Christ with skin on so these wounded souls will know that they have great value.
    Thanks for sharing this.

  3. In the short space of one minute and twenty two seconds, I find many tears running down my face.
    Greg Boyle, SJ is one truly remarkable human being; I think that he may be a living saint, and that is not said lightly.
    Talk is very cheap when it comes to the dignity of the human person. Watching this clip is a sharp reminder of how powerfully that can be expressed. Boyle’s dedication to those who have been written off is beyond words.
    Having had the chance to meet Fr. Greg twice, I count myself truly blessed. One meeting was at the Homegirl Cafe in LA, where evidence of lives transformed is so evident. (And the food is great.)
    Before I hit submit, I am struck by the timing of this. The dates on the missalette covers make me think that this was done when Fr. Greg was undergoing cancer treatment, but I might be wrong.


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