Lenten Read-Along: For You

Forgive Everyone Everything Lenten Read-Along - book and author Gregory Boyle and artist Fabian Debora

Enjoy this video interpretation of “For You,” an excerpt from Gregory Boyle’s Forgive Everyone Everything.

This is the final post for this year’s Lenten read-along. Share your thoughts about this week’s reading in the comments below. And post your thoughts, favorite quotes, or reactions with #lentreadalong on social media.

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  1. The combination of the teaching and artwork has been inspiring and uplifting. It was a great gift to read along with others for Lent. You have given us a deeper understanding of how to seek and find God in all things. In seeking and finding the joy of God’s presence we learn to see everything in a new light. We are blessed with a renewed reverence because we see God in everything. Developing a habit of joy in all things is life changing.

  2. I used this book for my Lenten Journey (I love Fr. Boyle’s wisdom)
    It was an incredible experience- one I will share! Thank you

  3. This book has been my daily companion for Lent this year. Each page is so profound – I’m driven to read it over and over. Fr. Greg Boyle nails it. God loves us so much – we have to constantly remind ourselves of that and open our eyes to look for him every day in EVERYTHING. I’m so appreciative of my brother’s gift of the book to me and for the read along opportunity with y’all.


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