Three Little Ways of Praying

The First Little Way of Praying: Recall the commandments or any list such as the Cardinal Virtues or the Capital Sins. Take each in turn, consider the beautiful divine invitation it expresses, and ask yourself how you are living it out. Thank your Creator and Lord for all your good and beg God to make up for your lacks and failures.

The Second Little Way of Praying: Pray any prayer you know–the Our Father, Apostles’ Creed, Hail Mary–and consider it one word at a time, savoring each word until you are finished with it, and then moving to the next. Thus, you would wonder what it means that you call the Father “Our,” and how you live out that meaning; then when you are done with that word, move on to “Father,” and so the “Amen.”

The Third Little Way of Praying: Pray any prayer you know rhythmically, breathe in or take a step walking or hear the subway wheels hit a track divider.

Of course, in any way of praying you begin coming to self-concentration in God, ask the Lord for what you want, and end by talking with your Creator and Lord.

Joseph Tetlow, SJ

Choosing Christ in the World


  1. The Three Little Way of Praying: This is such a wonderful way of doing this three little way of praying. In my experience, by doing it I have developed a much stronger faith in the Lord. I thank Him daily for all the graces and blessings I have. You can just go to your room shut the door and talk to HIM. Ask for the Holy Spirit to guide you in your struggles, according to His will. Pretty soon, you’ll develop a relationship and a self-concentration with God.
    Elizabeth Bohamed


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