True Healing

Jesus heals paralyzed man - icon detail“True healing happens when we allow Jesus’ mercy to enter into the deepest layers of brokenness within us,” asserts Beth Knobbe in a post titled “Jesus the Healer.”

Knobbe writes:

Jesus desires to go to the very depth of our pain. He sees beneath the surface to the source of our hurts, uncovering our deepest needs, even those masked by surface level scars.

During this Lenten season, can I bring my own brokenness and sinfulness before God? Can I allow Jesus to enter into my woundedness and heal me from the inside?

When someone else hurts me, can I see that person as someone who is needy and broken? Can I look through the eyes of compassion and mercy, as Jesus does?

Reflect more on the idea of Jesus as a merciful healer with the Sacred Space/Pray as You Go Lent retreat, “A Year of Mercy, A Lent of Healing.”


  1. True healing begins when you understand that the person who hurt you may hurt more and not even realize it. A hurt that mercy can help heal.


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