Stop for Prayer

public transportationIn a post at God in All Things, Tony Krzmarzick admits that, just like he requests a stop on public transit, he needs to remember his stop for prayer.

For me, it looks like setting aside 10 minutes a day to sit on my couch, close my eyes, and rest. It means shutting off my mind, settling my heart, and resting deeply in the knowledge knowing that the God of all the universe is holding me in his soft but firm, gentle but strong, mighty, magnificent hands.

This is what Lent looks like for me this year, and this is what receiving the mercy of God means to me. It means having the courage to stop running around trying to do everything and save the world. It means giving myself permission to slow down, to pause, to rest. It means trusting that God is faithful to his word and will give me the rest for which I yearn, the rest for which I was made.

What does your prayer look like this Lent?


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