What Gives Joy

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Pay attention to what gives you joy. These gifts of joy are meant to help us during times of desolation. Use them when you need them.

Enjoy this video excerpt from my Small Simple Ways: An Ignatian Daybook for Healthy Spiritual Living.


  1. Vinita, I en”joy”ed the reminder to recognise joy when it is happening.

    I recently found joy in flying a kite (it was on my birthday present list -aged 62 yrs)! It gave me a buzz watching it soar.

    Due to coronavirus, I borrowed a ball from my grandson so I can shoot hoops in the park as the over 50’s netball team has been on lockdown!

    I get a lot of joy from having “water fights” with the grandkids (and husband)!

    I know I am fortunate to live near a park.
    I always find something in your posts that make me stop and think. I miss your Days of Deepening Friendship.

    Wishing you good health.


  2. What a simple, beautiful thought! Thank you Vinita, for reminding me of ALL the wonderful things in my life that really are gifts from God.

  3. Loved this video. Thank you for reminding us of the joy we experience every day in simple but powerful ways. We are truly surrounded by the grace of God if we take the time to see, smell , hear , touch , and taste all that has been given to us. Today , I will be aware of every precious gift before me. Thank you for this video.

  4. Thank you for this video; which reminds each of us to find solace in reflections of things children find joy-filled and to open up our inner child of joy.


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