What Jesuits Are Like

Jesuits educated me (St. Peter’s College), they employ me (Loyola Press), and they pastor me (St. Mary Student Parish, Ann Arbor).  So I’m very interested in how the Jesuits see themselves these days.   Here are a couple of items that reveal a lot about them.

One, an article by Ryan Maher, SJ,  is an appreciation of what he calls the “passion that manifests itself in a bred-in-the-bone love of teaching.”

The other is a video that simply shows five newly ordained Jesuits talking about their passions and hopes as they begin their priestly ministry.  One says that his passion is “let other people know about this God who loves us so much and so much wants us to be part of our lives.”  It’s inspiring.  (Click here if you can’t see the video.)

Go Forth and Set the World on Fire from Chicago and Detroit Jesuits on Vimeo.



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