What Would Ignatius Think about Social Media?

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Would Ignatius spend a lot of time on Twitter and Facebook if he was around today?  Perhaps not, says Lisa Kelly:

With all our technology we truly have the capacity to live our lives in almost constant contact with others virtually anywhere. So really, I don’t ever have to say goodbye.  “We” can live on via email forever. I wonder what Ignatius would say about trying to do so.

I think he would say that we need to first acknowledge the gift that we have in our friendship. Here and now. I don’t know what the future holds for either of us so let me take a moment, here and now, to thank you for the gift you have been to me. Name it. Celebrate it. Wallow in it for just bit.

Then I think he would say, regarding staying in contact, we ought to use technology in as much as it helps us on our end to respond to God’s love, and rid ourselves of it so far as it hinders us in responding to God’s love. If by staying in contact with me, you are not being fully present to those in your daily life now, you will be missing out on the presence of God in them, and they will miss out on experiencing it in you—and I know it is so fully present in you. You need to be fully present there in this next phase of your life. That is where God needs of you. That is what I want for you.. . .

“We” don’t have to live on via email or texting or Facebook. “We” live on in our Oneness with Christ. And in that, we will never lose contact.

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  1. Meridith usually is right on, and her comments above prove that once again. I’m concerned about all the electronic “communication” – we are talking “at” people, not “to” them. We have more and more Friends in our file and we don’t know half of them. Somebody reports that they arrived at the airport and three people say they “Like” that.
    I know I’m showing my old age but I think St. Ignatius would be concerned by these issues too.

  2. In addition to the above ruminations, I’d like to think Ignatius would grasp how social media allows our embrace to enlarge, for communities to develop, and relationships to deepen in ways that both reveal God’s love and our ability to stay present.
    I want to believe he’d see the value of using social media to introduce more people to the Exercises and help them engage with them. I also hope he’d realize that after realizing all the possibilities, he’d support skilled, passionate others in making everyone come to pass — without technical snafus.


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