Where St. Ignatius Lived

I’ve been to Rome twice.  Both trips happened before I was interested in St. Ignatius, so I’ve never been to the house where he lived and worked for the last 14 years of his life running the Jesuit order as its first superior general.  When I finally go there, I’ll think about the fact that this wasn’t Ignatius’s plan for himself.  He thought he should be an itinerant evangelist and teacher; he wound up as a great churchman firmly planted in a small suite of offices in Rome.  So it often is with us.  Our journey to God can be a meandering one.

Here is a very interesting video visit to Ignatius’s home and office.  (To watch the video on YouTube, click here.)


  1. I have been to Rome once prior to becoming Catholic and being interested in St. Ignatius as well. I truly appreciated this video and your comment about this not being Ignatius’ plan for himself. My journey has taken a twist at which I still marvel every time I am at Mass. God can take the ashes of our lives and use them to rebuild in amazing ways. Thank you.


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