Why Young Adults Need Ignatian Spirituality

For at least five reasons, says Tim Muldoon of Boston College: it gives  life a clear foundation; it sees God in all things; it shows us how to walk with Christ; it makes sense of suffering; and it hold up an ideal of social justice.  He writes:

To speak of God in all things is to remind us that ours is a sacramental understanding of God—God among us in the faces, the words and the gestures that make present the reality of grace. It is to emphasize that God is not distant and “other,” but present and intimate with us. It is to underscore a belief that our lives are not beyond the scope of God’s love, but rather they are already the objects of God’s care.

Read the whole thing.  Muldoon teaches in the honors program at Boston College and works at BCs office of Mission and Ministry.  He is the author of The Ignatian Workout.


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