Patron Saint for Business People

by dotMagis Editor

Pierre Favre, SJ (Peter Faber)Chris Lowney, author of Pope Francis: Why He Leads the Way He Leads, suggests that the recently canonized Peter Faber would be a good patron saint of business. He makes his argument in this article for NCR. Based on something Faber wrote while in Germany, Lowney concludes:

Faber’s vision of business is an ennobling, inspiring one. Entrepreneurs with a Faber-style flair for business don’t think only of “enhancing shareholder value” and making themselves hog-whimperingly rich; they hop out of bed each morning feeling blessed to help fellow citizens use their talents, support their families in a highly dignified way, and alleviate poverty in their communities.

That attitude sounds like a path to spiritual consolation, doesn’t it?

January 14, 2014

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