"Receive My Memory"

John Breslin, SJ, is a teacher, writer, and all-around literary man.  He edited a great anthology of religious short stories called The Substance of Things Hoped For. He has written for many journals and magazines.  Today he is sadly slipping into Alzheimer’s.  His friend Evelyn Bence recently wrote a lovely blog post about John.    She traveled to the care facility at Fordham University in New York where he lives and took him for a […]

The Best Ignatian Songs: The Palm of Your Hand

“We should not fix our desires on health or sickness, wealth or poverty, success or failure, a long life or a short one,” writes Ignatius Loyola at the beginning of the Spiritual Exercises.  Our one desire should be to “choose what better leads to God’s deepening life in me.” That’s the basic idea of “The Palm of Your Hand,” a winsome song in the country style. I’d rather be in the palm of Your hand […]

"The Cooz" and Jesuit Basketball

Basketball fans, especially those of a certain age, will love the articles about Bob Cousy in a recent issue of the Holy Cross magazine. (It’s a big PDF file. The Cousy articles begin on page 16.)  Cousy was a great point guard.  He became famous as a pro.  He led the Boston Celtics to six NBA championships. “The Cooz” is one of many great basketball players who came from Jesuit universities.  My colleague Joe Durepos […]

The List 6.8.09: Homeboy Industries

The List is a weekly feature highlighting something remarkable, offbeat, or otherwise noteworthy from the world of the Jesuits and Ignatian spirituality. Fr. Greg Boyle, SJ has buried more than 140 of his young friends.  One of the toughest funerals was Chico’s.  After the funeral, he wrote, “I inform myself that I really must let this grief in.” Too long, I had suspended my own profound sense of loss here, and dutifully placed it on […]

Contemplative in Action

“Contemplative in action” is an Ignatian buzzword. It’s a coolly ironic label for the way Ignatian spirituality straddles the worlds of prayer and action. But what does it mean, really? Here’s a great explanation from William Barry, in his book A Friendship Like No Other: This Ignatian notion can be understood as analogous to the kind of friendship that develops over a long time between two people. They are aware of each other even when […]

The Best Ignatian Songs: Wachet auf

Some years ago NASA was building a planetary probe that would eventually sail out of the solar system into the vastness of interstellar space. The thought occurred that a space-faring alien civilization might possibly find the little satellite some day. NASA decided to pack it with samples of the greatest works of human culture so that the aliens might have some idea of who we are. Someone asked a musicologist what music should be included. […]

The List 6.1.09: Gary Smith, SJ

The List is a weekly feature highlighting something remarkable, offbeat, or otherwise noteworthy from the world of the Jesuits and Ignatian spirituality. Gary Smith is a 72-year-old Jesuit who has spent the last several years in refugee camps in Africa. You might say that these are some of the worst places on earth, and you wouldn’t be wrong. But they are also places where grace abounds, not least through the ministry of Gary Smith. Gary’s […]

Hopkins the Poet

I love the poetry of Gerard Manley Hopkins. He’s difficult. One critic says that a sign of excellence in a poet is the number of different ways you can read his work. By that measure, Hopkins is a great poet. But Hopkins is worth the effort it takes to read and understand him. Paul Mariani, a poet himself, has just published a big new biography of Hopkins. Read a review here. Hopkins’ poetry is all […]

The Best Ignatian Songs: You’ve Got a Friend in Me

William Barry, SJ, one my favorite spiritual writers, says that  friendship is at the heart of  our relationship with God.  So this week I’m putting the Ignatian tag on a song about friendship.   It’s  “You’ve Got a Friend in Me” from the movie “Toy Story.”  It was nominated for an Academy Award for best original song in 1995.  Maybe this  choice is a bit whimsical, but this song puts a smile on your face.  […]

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