Five Ways to Find God in All Things

5 Ways to Find God in All ThingsFinding God in all things is a big part of Ignatian spirituality. But finding God in the boring parts of life is easier said than done. Here are five ways (aside from the Examen) to find God in all things.

  1. Micro-Awareness—This is not just trying to be aware of the present moment, but rather letting each small action you take become your primary purpose in the moment. If you let something as simple as pushing the power button on your computer or walking up the stairs be done with intention and awareness (rather than letting routine get the best of you), you’ll find a new holiness in those mundane tasks.
  2. Journal—Writing down the experiences of your day as well as your thoughts and feelings is a kind of Examen, but oftentimes the act of writing uncovers unseen moments of God’s presence you initially missed.
  3. Do something the “old fashioned way”—Technology and fast expectations can often close the door on our awareness of God. For a change, walk to someone’s desk instead of calling, handwrite a letter instead of e-mailing, walk to the store instead of driving, or take the train instead of flying. The change of pace may give you a more meaningful interaction or experience. And slowing down lets you acknowledge God’s presence more easily.
  4. Listen—When was the last time you really listened to someone without trying to think of what to say next? You’ll be surprised what you hear if you actually listen—to a friend, to the natural sounds around you (try turning off the radio when you drive), or to your own conscience. God speaks when we pause long enough to listen.
  5. Say “God is here”—This idea comes from UCC pastor Jane E. Vennard. She says:

    Practice saying “God is here” the next time you are assaulted by your neighbors’ quarrelling, see someone carelessly toss trash from a car, get drenched in an unexpected rainstorm, or bite into a mealy and tasteless apple.

    From his own experience, Saint Francis of Assisi learned that the deeper lessons of God came when one embraced all things, even that which isn’t beautiful.

    Sometimes saying “God is here” is the best way to snap into an awareness that God dwells not just within you but alongside you in every moment, mundane or grand.

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Andy Otto
Andy Otto is an Ignatian blogger and spiritual director. He currently works in adult faith formation and retreat direction at a Jesuit parish and retreat center in Atlanta, GA, where he lives with his wife and daughter. Andy is the author of God Moments and holds a master’s degree in theology and ministry from Boston College.


  1. I can’t find my God within unless Iam talking to myself & getting answers from my imagination. Is this my God conversing with me?

    • God uses whatever means he blessed you with. He blessed me with writing and reading skills so when I ask him a question darned if I don’t find it the next day on one of my religious readings or in a book. If I am not sure it is him behind it (he is always giving me a little jolt, sometimes scary because I don’t expect it, and I love it), I just ask for discernment. I just did that when I wanted to know what to do with a novel manuscript: do I delete it or do I keep plugging away at it. I felt this: “Close the pages of the book.” When I asked is it my answer or yours I remembered that I would never refer to a novel as a book. He did so I would know it couldn’t have been my imagination.
      Not to worry. I talk to myself all day long and when I say something he likes I feel a nice electric type thrill. Even if I have just been telling myself what to do about something. Take care and keep talking to him. He listens. He answers!

    • Hi Mr.Shaw I am just like you when finding my God, I have my private conversations with God and get reply from my imagination.

  2. Thank you, so simple yet so true. Please try to get up in the morning and let God be with you for whole day, in all situations..very
    Peaceful and calming feeling. You’ll love it.

  3. Thank you God for leading me to this website. Help me to find you in all things. Help me to say “God is here” daily. Now that I have more time on my hands help not to focus so much on my needs but the needs of others. Help me how not to hurt you so much. But increase my faith to love you more daily.

    • Beautiful words Sylvie, blessed by God… AMEN Thank You Lord! Its a miracle that in a world of over 7 billion people you have time for me… Praise God!

  4. Thank you for the simple three word reminder of “God is here.” Three simple words to refocus on the Trinity!

  5. Noticing the small things things in life can make a big difference on how we visualize life itself. God is amazing.
    Thank you

  6. There is nowhere not to find God if we “Be still and know that I am God” as He promised. God is within us waiting for us to share His love with all. Peace of Christ to all. God Bless.

    • Frances, I love your statement, “God is within us waiting for us to share His love with all.” SO profound and such beautiful truth in one sentence. AMDG.

  7. amazing how being aware that God is here makes everything good bad,easy and difficult all worthwhilebecause instead of focusing on ME I am focused on pleasing God

  8. Beautiful. Challenging. Comforting. I find “God is here” especially valuable to me, and hope to practice it frequently. Appreciate the brevity of the post, as well. Thank you!

  9. Thank you for this,recent events in my life have cause me to steer off path,this is strengthening my connection to God and all things positive thank you

  10. The one thing I learned in my Ignatian Spirituality SPA retreat with Donald Petkash, S.J. is what I have known all along…God is “here” or “there” all the time. It is my responsibility and my choice to invite Him to come along. This simple activity has dramatically improved my prayer life. Looking forward to the series. Thanks, A.

  11. Terrific list. I love #3 especially. My family just returned from a weekend of camping, which meant that life moved at a much slower pace than usual and there were no modern conveniences to distract us (well, aside from toilets — I’m not as rugged as I’d like to think). The weekend was such a grace-filled time of reconnecting with good friends and of being more mindfully present to my own kids, who discovered the old-fashioned joy of climbing trees. Thanks for posting this.

  12. Today at our bible study we were talking about the fruits of the flesh and the fruits of the Spirit. This fitted very well with how do we avoid sinning and focus on the Spirit.

  13. “God is here” certainly works for me whenever I find myself in difficult situations. Thanks for reminding me.

  14. At the end, it boils down to “conscious awareness and gratitude”… Indeed, the greater, the excellent, the best..

    • Be Still and Know That I am God… He is with us, now & forever, loving us, holding us, caring & guiding, and we can be sure, God is Here~ amen

  15. I love the reminder of how our own writing can bring out more memories than your mind. I have often noticed the depth of my writing about very simple things.

  16. Just got back from an amazing pilgrimage to Ignatius birthplace,his travels,his conversion at the River.Most amazing experience.Started as pilgrims finished as community.Thanks community.Loyola Jesuits from New Orleans.

  17. God is the silence that envelopes the present moment.God is the space that is around me and when I reach out I reach God.
    Thank you for sharing your spirituality with me.
    Pray for my son

  18. I just love finding God in such simple tasks, whether is old fashioned or just something creatively doing. I love to find God doing my cooking and handwriting a letter. Thank you for such advise about not getting into the routine, listening and the repetition of “God is here.


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