Prayer Before a Meeting

It’s Monday.  Most of us have meetings to go to today or later this week.  Here is a prayer before a meeting.  It’s published on the St. Louis University Prayerbook, a site where members of the SLU community share prayers.

Heavenly Father, we come to you today asking for your guidance, wisdom, and support as we begin this meeting. Help us to engage in meaningful discussion; allow us to grow closer as a group and nurture the bonds of community. Fill us with your grace, Lord God, as we make decisions that might affect the students, staff, faculty, alumni and friends of Saint Louis University. And continue to remind us that all that we do here today, all that we accomplish, is for the pursuit of truth for the greater glory of You, and for the service of humanity. We ask these things in your name, Amen.

For other prayers on this site, see the Prayers by St. Ignatius and Others.

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67 Comments on Prayer Before a Meeting

  1. Thanks for posting this prayer. I am assigned to lead a prayer this afternoon before a meeting of non-governmental organizations. This ia well-organized prayer

  2. It has always been said that prayer can move mountains, this prayer is a most fitting opening for our important meeting.Thank you very much!

  3. This is one of the greatest things in my life. I have just got a new job and one of the requirements is to lead a prayer in a meeting. I would not have accomplished this without a powerful prayer… Thanks

  4. Thank you for the prayer. I make this as my guide for tomorrow’s meeting in our organization. This is powerful that I think it will enlighten their minds before the meeting.

  5. Thank you for posting such a great prayer. This will help in our meetings when chosen to lead. It is a good starting point for me who didnt know how to pray. thanks

  6. Thank you for a wonderful prayer ! It inspires me to pray more and to get closer to our Lord. May our good Lord continuously bless all of you !

  7. Thank you for this prayer! Very nice… changed it up a bit to suit a meeting for today. Very thoughtful. Blessings…

  8. I’m so happy to read your touching prayer….since at 3 p.m. today I will be leading an Opening Prayer for our Cooperative Board Meeting….

  9. Thanks for posting this prayer…… “More things are wrought by prayers than this world dreams of”………. i’ll recite this tomorrow as we begin our prayer

  10. Am grateful for the prayer it has really helped me to plan for the prayer that am to make this Sunday. Thank you and may God bless you .

  11. Thank you for the great work your are doing to help others learn how to prayer effectively at the start of meetings, am amazed at how people are sending feedback. you have really helped many of us!
    keep up the good spirit of ministering to others.

  12. Thank you for your prayer samples as I have to open our meetings in prayer now. It has helped me. Again God bless and thank you.

  13. Thank you for sharing your beautiful words of prayer. I will share with my committee as we begin our mission to help a sister parish in Haiti. God Bless!

  14. Thank you for posting this prayer. I chose this prayer because it’s well fitting for our group and really helped us enlighten our thoughts and mind.

  15. Thank you for posting this prayer. I will be saying one of my first prayers for a ministery meeting and this prayer is right on time for the meeting. Be blessed!

  16. I find this prayer to be very powerful as it is simple, easily understood and straight to the point: it can be easily adapted to any Catholic organization, or indeed any Christian organization.

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