A Fragrance of Love

coffeeThe aroma of fresh coffee sends me to bed every night as I lock the doors and my husband grinds the beans for the next morning’s automatically brewed wake-up beverage.

Smelling that rich dark roast, I feel hope as I say goodnight to the day. Inhaling is an invitation to the Examen for me, and I make my resolve for tomorrow. The promise of a cup of coffee to greet the next day sends me to bed a little freer. Whatever today’s failings and shortcomings, tomorrow I will be greeted again by a fragance of love, because my husband makes the coffee as an act of love.

He’s not just preparing coffee; he is making a statement of love—without using words. I have to be paying attention and hear with my heart.

Before leaving on a business trip, he sets up a pot of coffee to start the morning after his departure. He makes enough so I can reheat some the day after that. How can I describe the love I feel as I fill a mug and head to the car? My husband’s simple gesture invites a loving response.

But today is different.

I slam on the brakes. And only belatedly do I realize that my tall coffee cup had no lid.

Coffee now covers my porous floor mats, my sandaled foot, and my briefcase. Knowing that I’m on a freeway far from the next exit, and I’m already late for work, I make a choice. The 16 ounces of coffee will remain where they are as I continue my traffic-logged commute. And with that choice, I accept my imperfections—including rushing—and I inhale.

The fragrance of coffee is still tantalizingly beautiful. And I thank God for the love of the man who made me a cup.

And now that love is everywhere in my car. As I arrive late to work, I decide to let the coffee go. In the hundred-degree heat expected today, the coffee will dry and perhaps leave my car saturated with scents of coffee. The overarching emotion I feel deep within is gratitude. I am blessed by the love that went into that cup of coffee.

What small things do I do to make another person’s life more joyful?

Image by Boemski under CC BY 2.0.


  1. A beautiful, restful meditation and at the same time it provides a wonderful method to avoid stressful situations. I have to practice it repeatedly so it becomes my go-to spiritual tool when becoming stressed.

  2. Loretta,
    The journey through your love store was delightful! It brought back memories of my late husband’s morning actions as I would get ready for the day. He didn’t drink coffee but always made sure I got off to a great start! Yes, it’s love to go! Thank you for sharing your adventure.

  3. Thank you, Loretta, for reminding me that a negative (spilled coffee all over the car in 100 degree weather) can be a real positive if one looks at it with a spirit of gratitude. What an inspirational story! Thank you for sharing it and giving me something to ponder.

  4. I love this! (and how appropriate that I sit here reading it while listening to my husband make the coffee, which he does every morning without fail). Your reaction to the spilled coffee is such a marvelous example of living with gratitude. Thank you.

  5. Wow! You too?
    I can just picture that cherished time.
    It’s a gift to find God in all things and that includes our morning joe.

  6. Thank you, Loretta, for a wonderful piece which richly reminds us of God’s many, many “small” blessings – which, in turn, bring us back around to Him, and deepen our love. My wife and I have cherished for years our quiet early morning time together with coffee (which I have prepared the night before!). It is a spiritual drink in a way, isn’t it? ?

  7. “Making someone happy does not always involve doing something for another, but letting a person do something for me.”
    Thank you, Jess, for your lesson to me.

  8. Some years ago, I visited a homebound Hispanic woman whom I called “mi amor” in her apartment. One day, she offered to make coffee for me. She turned on the faucet to hot, filled a mug with water, stirred some spoons-ful of instant coffee and lots of sugar. When I tasted it, it was the most terrible coffee I had ever had, but I drank it to make her happy. And I realized that it was also the most lovingly made coffee I had ever had. Lesson learned: making someone happy does not always involve doing something for another, but letting a person do something for me.

  9. WOW Loretta-this was WONDERFUL!! Thank you for recognizing the gift that God has given you–I came alive reading your words! Also, I have the same kind of husband..I always thank him for this coffee ritual he blesses me with but you took it to a whole other level and I am so grateful that you did! XXOO Linda

    • Thank you, Linda! I am glad to hear that God has blessed us both through this post. I am encouraged by reading about your experience. I raise a coffee cup to you and your husband!


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